About myself

Born and raised in Germany. A small town with the name Bronnweiler. It is in the Southern part of Germany near the city of Stuttgart. Picture this, 03-02-1959 was this nice and friendly boy named Hans-Jurgen Furst by the father Boleslav Furst and the mother Rosa Furst. After his short but wonderful childhood he finished ground school in Bronnweiler and high school in Gönningen . June 18, 1974 you hear a big groan from the school director, I had successfully finished school.

So what next, working ?

Yes. The internationally known highly technical machine company Burkhardt & Weber grew by one employee. After 3 and 1/2 years I am Energiegerateelektroniker, which means machine electrician.

After a couple of years, I went to Sweden for this company to build up machines. And so I got the first contact with Sweden and am still in this lovely country. I started with Ernst Gerber AB, which represents Burkhardt & Weber in Sweden. I also worked as a service technican for this company. It was a horrible time, but never wanted to miss it. A lot of work with different types of machins, milling, grinding and turning machines from Germany and Switzerland. This gives me the possibility of traveling to the companies of Agie, Aciera , Elb, Schuette, Bohringer and so on. 1995 I finish my work at Ernst Gerber AB and start working at the company Bystronic AB. Bystronic Laser AG is a company in Switzerland how made Laser Cutting Machines. The Swedish part of the company provide the customer with spare part, installation, training and service for those machines. I was traveling over whole Scandinavia including Finland. Great time. Then year 2001 is change the company again. Now I start to work for the company Pharmacia AB. Pfizer, the American company was buying Pharmacia and close the Uppsala plant 2004. I move with Pfizer to Stockholm to upgrade the plant in Stockholm. But summer 2005 we got the information that Pfizer also is shooting down his plant..........

I finisded my emplyment at Pfizer and start working for Swedish Tools . Also this company is selling many diffrent machine types to the Swedish industy . I work only 6 month and then i went back to Bystronic as Hotliner ( Technical support ).

And now I'm retired.